Ramón Bejar, internationally renowned perfumer, has worked with the Unapologetic Luxury team to create a fragrance worthy of Soberbia cream “Sublimated Rose”

Ramón Béjar is one of the world’s greatest perfumers. He is the Nose behind internationally acclaimed niche fragrances that sealed his reputation as the leading unifier of Eastern and Western perfumery.

Béjar is renowned for his great sensitivity, taste and intuition; qualities that lead him to create combinations of scents capable of inciting extraordinary sensations.

He follows his vocation of creating what he calls ‘Olfactory Experiences for the Soul’.

It is a combination of subtle notes. More than a rose, it is the dew of the garden where it grew, the scent of its green stem and leaves, the warmth of the hand that held it.

Violet leaves wrap us in deep, green jungle while cashmeran adds an organic, blond wood air. Tolu balsam and hints of sandalwood capture the exoticism of eastern perfumery. Discrete and elegant musks reach out to complement the gentle, firm touch of natural cedarwood.

Sublimated Rose is more evocative than a single natural flower; it brings together the complexity of a rose’s entire natural environment.