Soberbia cream includes pure, 24-karat Indian gold to add the both the luster and cosmetic skincare benefits of this rare and precious ingredient


Firmness, Softness

Since 1929, gold’s antiinflammatory properties have been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. It has the same effect on skin, decreasing swelling and reducing  melanin secretion, helping to reduce blemishes and the signs of ageing caused by sun damage.

The biggest nugget ever found was known as the ‘Welcome Stranger’. It weighed 72kg and was discovered in 1869 by prospectors in Victoria, Australia, under just 3 cm of soil next to a tree.

The part of the Earth’s crust that has been mined for gold by mankind is only 3km deep.

There are an estimated 10 billion tonnes of gold in the world’s oceans. Gold is so malleable that a single ounce can be stretched into a filament 80km long and just one gram can be beaten flat into a transparent sheet of 1 square meter.

Gold is believed to be produced only during the supernova explosions that mark the death of certain stars. Geologists believe that almost all of the gold ever touched by human hands came to Earth from outer space, as a part of meteorites.

In the periodic table of the elements, gold’s symbol is ‘Au’ which comes from the Latin ‘Aurum’, with the same root as ‘Aurora’, meaning ‘shining dawn’.

Throughout history, gold has been known for its association with beauty and luxury. In ancient China, queens used a golden roller to massage their faces. In ancient India, gold was used in a similar way because it was believed to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.