Soberbia cream undergoes a long immersion process with untreated Colombian emeralds, specially selected for their energy, to absorb all their character, powers and benefits and convert the cream into an elixir

Emeralds are found all over the world but the finest examples come from the three main Colombian mines: Muzo, Chiyor and Cosquez.

As the name suggests, gem therapy uses precious stones, crystals, quartz and gems to subtly treat different conditions.

Ancient civilizations prized emeralds as symbols of love, rebirth and eternal youth.

The first known trade in emeralds began over 4,000 years ago in a Babylonian market dedicated to the goddess Venus. The stones represented eternal purity and faith and were thought to improve people’s eyesight.

Gem therapy specialists believe that the stones are alive and contain a memory of the Earth, giving each stone a personality and individual characteristics. Since the beginning of humanity, healers and shamans have used emeralds to rejuvenate and regenerate. Some say that both good and evil are locked inside the gems.

The Roman emperor Nero watched gladiator fights in the arena through thin emerald screens so that the sun reflecting off the sand would not hurt his eyes. He had unwittingly invented the first ‘sunglasses’ in history and added to emeralds’ traditional reputation for relieving eyestrain.

Emeralds are known for their beauty. Their esoteric energy is thought to bring business success and profound knowledge by neutralizing negative energies. They are said to be aligned with the chakra of the forehead.

Emerald green is the color of intuition and wisdom, the balance between warm and cold colors, and the mediator between earthly and heavenly currents. Stones of this color bring balance and harmony to mind and body.

Fura is the biggest emerald in the world with 2.2 Kg weight and 11.000 carat.

The stones are, to many, symbols of rebirth, regeneration and life. Its energy brings peace and harmony to body and spirit; its green light is a connection to nature.

The word ‘emerald’ comes from the Greek smaragdos, meaning ‘green stone’. Emeralds were the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt.

Emerald is the stone of love and infinite peace and is very important for the heart. It teaches the true essence of love and offers deep healing, soothing, and security.