Fot its Soberbia cream, Unaplogetic Luxury has selected wild rosehips from the Chilean countryside


Elasticity, Hydration, Cell regeneration

The yellow-brown, aromatic fruit is used to make jams and desserts. Other products derived from the plant include tea, oil and cosmetics.

Rosehip has a high vitamin C content. An oil is obtained from its seeds which contains trans-retinoic acid, a substance which allows the recuperation of atrophied skin.

Ingesting rosehip helps to strengthen the immune system, protecting the body against illness.

Its curative properties consist of being a good stimulant, digestive, carminative, antiseptic and helps relieves spasms.

The rosehip tree grows in the cold and rainy mountains of the Andes, mainly in Chile.

Following a study conducted by the chemistry department of the University of Chile, it was confirmed that rosehip can help to prevent scarring and even rejuvenates skin. Rosehip oil has shown excellent results in treatments of scarring, burns and stretch marks – all cases where skin needs to regenerate itself in a quick and effective manner.

It stimulates skin cells to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, improving skin firmness and elasticity.

It prevents and corrects photo-ageing and the cutaneous problems caused by solar radiation via self-generated melanin.

It redistributes pigmentation, enabling the elimination of sun spots, as well as those marks caused by acne, measles or smallpox.

It regenerates and nourishes the skin, visibly eliminating wrinkles and scars.

It has also proven to have excellent results on skin that has undergone radiotherapy.

For pregnant women, gentle chest and stomach massages with rosehip oil are recommended during the last trimester to help avoid stretch-marks.