Soberbia cream incorporates a safe extract of the polypeptide Waglerin 1 from Thailand’s temple viper. Clinical studies have shown that it can reduce wrinkles caused by facial expressions by reducing involuntary muscle contractions, helping to reduce the effects of ageing


Firmness, Cellular regeneration, Filling

Australian death adder snakes have a toxin in their venom that is being developed as a medication to lower and regulate blood pressure.

The venom of baby poisonous snakes is much more powerful than that of adults.

Some components in venom paralyze or incapacitate prey while others break it down to make digestion easier.

An active ingredient (Wagnerin 1) based on a tripeptide in venom from the temple pit viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri), originally from Thailand, has been shown to block signals that cause facial muscles to contract and, as a result, slow the formation of wrinkles in a similar way to Botox but without injections.

Hemotoxic venom enters the blood and from there is transported to different organs, causing inflammation and tissue death. Neurotoxic venom affects the nervous system, causing convulsions, paralysis and death. The venom of some cobra species contains both hemotoxic and neurotoxic elements.

An adult king cobra can look a man straight in the eye by raising its head 180cm from the ground.

All snakes are deaf but some can sense vibrations on the ground.

In parts of Asia there is a liqueur made from vodka, ginger, snake blood and venom, served over ice.

Treatments for heart problems have been developed using deadly taipan venom.

Snake venom has been used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes for 30 years.

The most poisonous known snakes are the Belcher sea-snake and Australian inland taipans.

The Russell’s viper kills more people each year than any other poisonous snake.

There are over 700 species of venomous snakes and a third of them can kill a person with a single bite.