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Welcome to Unapologetic Luxury; beauty, science, humanity and luxury with no hang-ups
A unique world where there is only boldness and determination, a modesty-free universe, in which only excellence has a place.
At Unapologetic Luxury, we decided to create a product where efficiency and quality is its sole raison d’etre

To do so, we decided to combine the world’s most beneficial natural active ingredients for the skin in a single formula, along with cutting-edge molecules and peptides, achieving the highest standards of quality and effectiveness that the world has ever seen.

The origin

Unapologetic Luxury exemplifies effort, research, pride, but above all success; the success of creating exceptional products… with no apologies. In 2015, after more than 3 years, we successfully completed the master formula of our cream, which is undoubtedly the world’s most comprehensive. It was created out of a desire to make an exclusive cream, something unique, recognizable only to those seeking superiority, quality and something out of the ordinary. That cream needed a different name; valued and adored by a select few, for those who defy the truth, because that cream was superior, different and unique. It was clear to us, and so Soberbia was founded. With Soberbia, we strive for excellence in the product, in the packaging and in the memory that remains after use. We call it “Luxury” and we dress it up in its Sunday best. Today, our Soberbia Luxury is available in a limited edition. Its formula incorporates cutting-edge anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle molecules and peptides, all with a much higher percentage than most creams on the market.

Thanks to all these active ingredients, Soberbia provides more than 30 different benefits, solving and reducing most skin problems.

Over time, we saw that Soberbia needed to go one step further by offering a new format that would make it the perfect ally for everyday life or for trips and moments of pleasure. All we did was modify the packaging, making it more functional, while maintaining Soberbia Luxury’s successful formula. We call this new version Soberbia Spirit, which, as its name suggests, entices you to go out, be seen, to have your own spirit and, why not, a free spirit that accompanies you.

Today, the “Soberbia Spirit” cream has become a benchmark for quality in many countries around the world, undoubtedly because of its results and because of the difference we dreamed it would make when we developed it.
Our quest for excellence is relentless; we continue to develop excellent facial skin care products.

With more than 20 natural active ingredients from 17 different countries

Black Baccara
Polar Rose
Damask Rose
Rose of
Centifolia Rose
Gallica Rose
Canina Rose

We set off on an exciting journey from Chile, passing through the Siberian Steppe, finishing off in exotic Polynesia. Every part of our trip was a discovery. In the highest mountains of Taiwan we came across a fungus that had never been used in cosmetics before, Cow Zhang that grows inside dead trees and, in Thailand, we came across the Venom of the dangerous Temple viper, to then make our way to the Himalayas with its pure salty water with a history dating back over two centuries. From India and its gold, to the exotic Nacre (mother-of-pearl) of Polynesia.

The South American route gave us great moments and picturesque landscapes. In Colombia, we discovered the incredible energy of the emeralds and in Ecuador we were enchanted by its orchids. We discovered the resistant Maca from Peru, the healing snail slime from Argentina and the effectiveness of Rosehip in Chile, which was the last stop on this wonderful continent.

From our trip to Russia, we selected the incredible blueberries; from Iran, the authentic Iranian sturgeon caviar; Argan oil from Morocco; grapes from Spain. From the miraculous Dead Sea comes each of the essential minerals our bodies need, and finally, from the Mediterranean, a selection of seaweed and olive leaves.

An exciting and productive journey through 17 countries to make our treasured dream come true.

The Quest

In 2015, we set off on our own adventure, a journey with the aim of creating the impossible formula, an anti-ageing cream that would be as good as, or even better than, the invasive aesthetic treatments that the skin undergoes. With this idea in mind, we started researching the most effective ingredients on the planet, some of which we were well aware of and others that we discovered along the way, but with the certainty of combining them all in a single formula, in the right percentages, to ensure their effectiveness.


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