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Soberbia Serum



With the most effective ingredients to regenerate and protect our skin. All of them are natural.

As a complement to our Soberbia Spirit anti-ageing cream, we have created a serum capable of immediately regenerating, soothing and protecting the skin, even the most sensitive or atopic skin. It prepares the skin, enhancing and boosting the effects of our wonderful Soberbia Spirit anti-ageing cream. Highly effective after any beauty treatment or surgery.

Its formula is designed to revitalize, relax and protect your skin every day.



Stimulates keratin, collagen and elastin formation; natural peeling

Herbal complex

Asian liquorice, Centella asiatica, Green tea, Fallopia Japonica, Chamomile, Rosemary and Skullcap. Highly effective against acne, atopic dermatitis, seborrhoea, rosacea or psoriasis, it reduces itching and burning caused by external agents and allergic reactions

Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-wrinkle, Elasticity, Firming, Filler

Indian incense

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti allergic, also highly effective for treating psoriasis and erythematous dermatitis


Anti-wrinkle, Anti-inflammatory, Firming


Highly effective repairer, soothing and anti-inflammatory. Suitable for sensitive skin

Passion Fruit Oil

Protects against all suspended particles. Highly effective for treating rashes, acne, burns, cuts and after beauty treatments and surgeries.

Phragmites Kharka (plant) & Poria cocos (fungus)

Protects against external agents; highly effective against photosensitivity. They prevent spots and blackheads from forming. Very useful against itching and repairing damaged skin

Smart emulsifier

Brightness, Texture

Snail slime

Circulatory Control, Collagen Stimulation, Moisturising, Cell Regeneration

Snake Venom

Firming, Cell regeneration, Filler

Vitamin E

Highly effective for treating scars and getting rid of little spots and imperfections, it prevents the appearance of blemishes.

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